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Problem Gambling Services

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Pathways Counseling Center, Inc. provides outpatient counseling for adults and families struggling with the consequences of problem gambling.

Many people that have a gambling problem are not aware of the impact of their actions until they experience a progressive disruption in daily life. Financial, emotional and physical problems often occur. The disorder causes pain and suffering to their families and friends.

Our program is individually tailored to meet each client's needs. Pathways helps clients address the problems that are associated with problem gambling, including some or all of the following:

  • Financial stress
  • Legal and civil matters
  • Loss of job or occupational difficulties
  • Medical complications
  • Psychological and emotional disturbances
  • Parenting and relationship difficulties
  • Substance abuse

Individual Therapy
Individuals benefit from meeting with a supportive and objective professional to address the disruption within their life caused by problem gambling.

Family Therapy
The entire family suffers when problem gambling occurs. Family members are able to address this individually, or as a family group with a mental health professional.

Group Therapy
Individuals benefit from the knowledge, questions, and experiences of others who are dealing with the impacts of problem gambling. Daytime and evening groups are offered.

Rule 82 Assessments
Court-ordered evaluation is performed by a trained, certified gambling counselor to determine the level of severity of an individual's gambling problem. This evaluation assists in the recommending of services appropriate to each individual.

Cost of Services
Problem Gambling therapy and assessment is paid for by some insurance plans. When insurance is not available, services are provided free of charge by funding provided through the State of Minnesota.

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