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Pathways Counseling Center, Inc. provides outpatient psychotherapy services for adults and families desiring to address mental health and emotional concerns.  Our professional therapeutic staff includes Licensed Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Counselors, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors, and Certified Problem Gambling Therapists.

Concerns you may choose to address therapeutically:

  •    •    Grief and Loss
  •    •    Trauma
  •    •    Anxiety and Worry
  •    •    Depression
  •    •    Abuse
  •    •    Problem Gambling
  •    •    Drug and Alcohol Related Problems
  •    •    Other Personal Concerns

Examples of the specialized methods used by our therapists to address specific concerns:

  •    •    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  •    •    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  •    •    Clinical Hypnosis
  •    •    Psycho-Education
  •    •    Focused Group Therapy (i.e. Domestic Violence, Sleep, Diabetes)

Individual Therapy for Adults
Meet individually with a supportive and objective professional to address the disruption or dissatisfaction within your life caused by emotional and/or mental health concerns.

Family Therapy
Family Therapy can be approached in different ways, depending on your concerns and the orientation of the therapist. Examples of approaches are: family-oriented individual therapy, multiple-family therapy, and couples therapy. Discuss the possibilities that can best serve your needs with one of our professional therapists.

Group Therapy
Group therapy members benefit from the shared wisdom of others who experience similar emotional and/or mental health concerns. Daytime and evening groups are offered.

Payment for Services
Many therapeutic services are paid for by insurance plans. Consult your health insurance policy to determine if this applies for you. If insurance payment is not available, Pathways accepts payment by the individual or family.

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